Arts and Communications

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Study Arts & Communications where subjects rank in the world’s top 100

Source: QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015

Bachelor of Arts

Explore a broad range of disciplines as you discover your passion and develop skills that will stay with you for life, and allow you to adapt to a continually changing job market. Gain the knowledge and practical experience you need to adapt to a changing job market.

Archaeology and History

Uncover the heritage that connects us to our communities and explore different ways of viewing the past, gaining insights into the present and future. Study societies and events through time and across cultures as you learn about Archaeology, History or Latin American Studies.

Media and Communications

Study Media and Communications with a practice based approach and strong emphasis on industry experience, and be prepared for a career in the fast-paced, constantly evolving media environment.

Creative Arts and English

Discover the art of creativity, performance, storytelling, production, writing and literature as you get ready for a career in the diverse Creative Arts and English industry. Explore your passion as you deepen your cultural knowledge across a range of disciplines.

Languages and Linguistics

Explore some of the most global, diverse and rich languages spoken in communities across the world. Gain access to a new network of communication as well as vast bodies of literary, historical, and cultural knowledge.

Politics and Philosophy

Learn to solve difficult problems in a rapidly changing world by studying the governments, processes and cultures that have developed in different societies. Make sense of why society operates the way it does and question the nature of reality, knowledge and the way we live.

Social Sciences

Explore how the world shapes us and how we shape the world, learn to see things from different perspectives and develop the skills to become global citizens capable of transforming the world you live in.

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Cecilia Barber

Cecilia Barber

Current student, Bachelor of Arts with Honours

“I like my Politics major because it’s contemporary.”


I like my Politics major because it’s contemporary. It is relevant to news that is going on as you study. Studying politics has made me more analytical about the world – it makes you question your political influences and political impact.
Ross Dennis

Ross Dennis

Current student, Bachelor of Arts

“There's nothing better to relieve stress than feeding ducks with friends on Simpson Lawn.”


I chose to study a Bachelor of Arts because it is a well-rounded degree, which will build my skills to tackle any career. It teaches a student to not only respond creatively and succinctly but professionally, logically and analytically.

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