Past events

Thursday 17 August 02:30pm

China Studies Research Centre Seminar Series

Wednesday 09 August 02:30pm

China Studies Research Centre Seminar Series. This seminar will be presented in Chinese.

Thursday 03 August 02:30pm

China Studies Research Centre Seminar Series

Wednesday 31 May 02:30pm

This seminar will examine how a prominent Chinese herbalist used architecture to forge a successful medical career in nineteenth-century Victoria.

Thursday 25 May 02:30pm

This seminar will provide new insights for developing an efficient and environmental-friendly alternative for Chinese and Australian contaminated soils remediation using plants and their associated microorganisms.

Thursday 27 April 02:30pm

This seminar provides an historical overview of Han Chinese appropriations of Uyghur culture from Mao’s era to the present day.

Wednesday 12 April 01:00pm

Jointly hosted by China Studies Research Centre and Department of Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies

Tuesday 11 April 06:00pm

Drawing on this new book The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy Professor Daniel A. Bell will discuss one of the most important political developments of the twenty-first century.

Thursday 06 April 02:30pm

This seminar will trace the evolution of the Tianxia concept throughout China’s imperial past, in order to provide fresh insight into China’s debates on its international position today, and into the possible future trajectory of China’s international relations theories.

Thursday 30 March 02:00pm

The seminar will explain why Confucian ethics cannot be accounted for using the categories and assumptions of virtue ethics.

Wednesday 29 March 06:00pm

To what extent have we been successful in first understanding the Chinese philosophical narrative and then in “carrying it across” into the Western academy? And then to what extent have we been able to grow and “appreciate” (in the sense of value-added) our own philosophical parameters by engaging with this antique tradition?

Thursday 16 March 02:30pm

Dr Samantha Grover and Dr Ruth Gamble explore the unique environmental, cultural and political challenges of protecting Tibetan Plateau wetlands.

Friday 25 November 02:30pm

Join us for this seminar given by Professor David Bradley and explore the extremely complex issue of linguistic diversity in China

Monday 21 November 02:00pm

The seminar is co-hosted by the China Studies Research Centre, the Building Healthy Communities RFA’s Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG) and La Trobe Business School.

Wednesday 16 November 04:00pm

La Trobe Philosophy Seminar Series

Friday 04 November 12:30pm

Has Xi Jinping’s regime entered a new phase of strategic overreach or will the recently proclaimed ‘China Solution’ be able to deliver to the Party, the people and the world?

Thursday 13 October 02:30pm

Challenges and opportunities of studying ethnic policy, theory and conflict in contemporary China

Monday 12 September 02:00pm

In recent decades, China has witnessed an almost constant flow of archaeologically-recovered texts dating from the period 350 BCE to 50 BCE. In this seminar, two specialists will provide the most current perspectives on what these excavated texts mean for the fields of archaeology and Sinology.