Research Activities

The Centre provides a dedicated platform to enhance the calibre and quantum of China-related research drawn from across the University, by harnessing and coordinating existing expertise and by attracting new expertise to pursue collaborative research opportunities nationally and internationally. Through the China Studies Seed-funding Research Grant Scheme and the China Studies Seminar Series, the Centre is actively involved in supporting China-related research across both Colleges, and in disseminating the outcomes of that research both internally and externally.

Current Research Projects

Creating, developing and leading innovative research is essential to attracting and retaining national and international research partners. The Centre Director currently leads two large ARC Discovery projects and one Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange Research Grant. These projects all involve extensive national and international collaborative research networks and have provision for new research staff to be employed or affiliated with the Centre.

DP130100565 The Buddhist Roots of Neo-Confucian Philosophy

The project will show for the first time how Buddhist philosophy shaped the intellectual construction of Neo-Confucian philosophy; demonstrate that Chinese philosophy owes far more to its engagement with other philosophical traditions than has hitherto been demonstrated; and enable us to view Chinese philosophy as part of a global enterprise.

DP160100671 The Awakening of Faith and New Confucian Philosophy

This project aims to advance the knowledge base of modern Chinese philosophy by providing a new narrative about the complex and diverse intellectual identity of modern New Confucian philosophy and how that identity has been misrepresented. It will demonstrate Australian expertise and initiative in bringing together leading researchers to forge innovative research networks and in fostering the broader engagement of Chinese philosophers with the international scholarly community.

CCKF-funded project: Exegesis of the Awakening of Faith

The Dasheng qixin lun 大乘起信論 (Treatise on the Awakening of Mahāyāna Faith) is among the most important and influential texts in the history of East Asian Buddhism. This project will identify, interpret, and make accessible key doctrinal and hermeneutical strategies employed in seven key commentaries on the text. By locating the hermeneutic strategies employed in seven key commentaries on the Awakening of Mahāyāna Faith in their proper historical and doctrinal contexts, our study will provide new perspectives on the historical and ideological development of Chinese Buddhism. The long-term impact of our research will lie in its contribution to distinguishing the original meaning of the text—what it was meant to convey to its readers when originally composed—and what later commentators have added to that original meaning.

Publications and Presentations

Members of the Centre have recently published the following research and participated in the following presentations.

Publications and Presentations