the Patricia Wrightson and Ethel Turner awards

The New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards were established by Premier Neville Wran in 1979 to honour distinguished achievement by Australian writers in a range of writing genres and age groups.  The Children's Literature section began as a single award at that time, but was redefined in 1999 to create the Patricia Wrightson Prize (for writing for a primary school audience) and the Ethel Turner Prize (for a secondary school audience).  The Ethel Turner Award was also given to all previous winners in the Children's Literature section.

More information is available from the NSW Ministry for the Arts pages

Year Author (Illustrator) Title Category
2005 Herrick, Steven By the river Ethel Turner
2005 Clark, Sheryl Farm Kid Patricia Wrightson
2004 Metzenthen, David Boys of Blood and Bone Ethel Turner
2004 Meehan, Kieran Night Singing Patricia Wrightson
2003 Zusack, Marcus The Messenger Ethel Turner
2003 French, Simon Where in the World Patricia Wrightson
2002 Hill, Anthony Soldier Boy - the true story of Jim Martin, the youngest Anzac Ethel Turner
2002 Tan, Shaun The Red Tree Patricia Wrightson
2001 Moriarty, Jaclyn Feeling Sorry for Celia Ethel Turner
2001 Wild, Margaret
(Brooks, Ron)
Fox Patricia Wrightson
2000 Meme McDonald
& Boori Monty Pryor
The Binna-Binna Man Ethel Turner and
Overall winner
2000 Herrick, Steven The Spangled Drongo Patricia Wrightson
1999 Disher, Gary The Divine Wind Ethel Turner
1999 Hirsch, Odo Antonio S and the Mystery of Theodore Guzman Patricia Wrightson
1998 No awards
1997 Morimoto, Junko The Two Bullies
1996 Metzenthen, David Johnny Hart's Heroes
1995 Pausacker, Jenny Mr. Enigmatic
1994 Dubosarsky, Ursula The White Guinea Pig
1993 Klein, Robin All in the Blue Unclouded Weather
1991 Crew, Gary Strange Objects!
1990 Scholes, Katherine The Blue Chameleon
1989 Pershall, Mary You take the High Road
1988 Rubinstein, Gillian Answers to Brut
1987 Hunt, Nan
(Ogden, Bettina)
A Rabbit named Harris
1986 Aldridge, James The True Story of Spit MacPhee
1985 Wheatley, Nadia The House that was Eureka
1984 Fox, Mem
(Vivas, Julie)
Possum Magic
1983 Allen Pamela Who Sank the Boat?
1983 Wheatley, Nadia Five Times Dizzy Special Children's
1982 Hunt, Nan
(Smith, Craig)
Whistle up the Chimney
1981 Park, Ruth
(Niland, Deborah)
When the Wind Changed
1981 Spence, Eleanor Seventh Pebble Special Children's
1980 Allen, Pamela Mr. Archimedes' Bath
1980 Berndt, Catherine Land of the Rainbow Snake Special Children's
1979 Wagner, Jenny
(Brooks, Ron)
John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat
1979 Wrightson, Patricia The Dark, Bright Water Special Children's
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