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The Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards are Australia's premier Children's Literature awards.
They were first presented in 1946 and are annual book prizes in various categories. These categories have gradually grown over the years and currently number 5: Older readers, Younger readers, Early childhood, Picture books and Information books.
 A panel of judges review titles submitted by publishers, draw up a shortlist (usually 6 titles in each category) and then select winners and honour books. Winners (and the books nominated) are virtually guaranteed increased book sales in the various libraries (especially school libraries) of Australia, so rivalry (and advertising) are often intense.

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Year Author (Illustrator) Title Category
2007 Lanagan, Margo Red Spikes Older
2007 Bateson, Catherine Being Bee Younger
2007 Gleeson, Libby
(Blackwood, Freya)
Amy and Louis Early Childhood
2007 Tan, Shaun The Arrival Picture
2007 Norman, Mark The Penguin Book: birds in suits Information
2006 Burke, J.C. The Story of Tom Brennan Older
2006 Fensham, Elizabeth Helicopter Man Younger
2006 Niland, Deborah Annie's Chair Early Childhood
2006 Thompson, Colin [aka Amy Lissiat] The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley Picture
2006 Davidson, Leon Scarecrow Army:The ANZACS at Gallipoli Information
2005 Bauer, Michael Gerard The Running ManOlder
2005 Hartnett, Sonya The silver donkeyYounger
2005 Fox, Mem
(Horacek, Judy)
Where is the green sheep? Early Childhood
2005 Lester, Alison Are we there yet? A journey around Australia Picture
2005 Sullivan, Bryan
French, Jackie
(Gordon, Gus) 
To the Moon and Back: The amazing Australians at the forefront of space travel plus fantastic Moon facts  Information
2004 Marchetta, Melina Saving FrancescaOlder
2004 Wilkinson, Carole DragonkeeperYounger
2004 Allen, Pamela Grandpa and Thomas Early Childhood
2004 Grant, Joan
(Curtis, Neil)
Cat and Fish Picture
2004 Nicholson, John Animal Architects Information
2003 Zusack, Marcus The Messenger Older
2003 Bateson, Catherine Rain May and Captain Daniel Younger
2003 Matthews. Penny
(McLean, Andrew)
A Year on our Farm Early Childhood
2003 Jorgensen, Norman
(Harrison-Lever, Brian)
In Flanders Fields Picture
2003 Tucker, Alan Iron in the Blood:
Convicts and Commandants in Colonial Australia
2002 Hartnett, Sonya Forest Older
2002 Heffernan, John
(McLean, Andrew)
My Dog Younger
2002 Graham, Bob Let's get a pup! Early Childhood
2002 Gleeson, Libby
(Greder, Armin)
An Ordinary Day Picture
2002 Papunya School Papunya School Book of Country and History Information
2001 Clarke, Judith Wolf on the Fold Older
2001 Kidd, Diana Two Hands Together Younger
2001 Jinks, Catherine
(McLean, Andrew)
You'll Wake the Baby! Early Childhood
2001 Wild, Margaret
(Brooks, Ron)
Fox Picture
2001 Blacklock, Dyan
(Kennett, David)
Olympia Information
2000 Earls, Nick 48 Shades of Brown Older
2000 French, Jackie Hitler's Daughter Younger
2000 Wild, Margaret
(Spudvilas, Anna)
Jenny Angel Picture
2000 Nicholson, John Fishing for Islands Information
1999 Gwynne, Phillip Deadly, Unna? Older
1999 McDonald, Meme & Pryor, Monty Boori My Girragundji Younger
1999 Marsden, John
(Tan, Shaun)
The Rabbits Picture
1999 Edwards, Yvonne 
(Day, Brenda)
Going for Kalta Information
1998 Jinks, Catherine Eye to Eye Older
1998 Forrestal, Elaine Someone like me Younger
1998 Morimoto, Junko The Two Bullies Picture
1998 Nicholson, John A Home among the Gum Trees Information
1997 Moloney, James A Bridge to Wisemanís Cove Older
1997 Gleeson, Libby
(James, Anne)
Hannah Plus One Younger
1997 Honey, Elizabeth Not a Nibble Picture
1997 Cheers, Gordon & Silk, Julie
(Crosby-Fairall, Marjorie)
Killer Plants and how to grow them Information
1996 Jinks, Catherine Paganís Vows Older
1996 Moloney, James Swashbuckler Younger
1996 Oliver, Narelle The Hunt Picture
1996 Nicholson, John The First Fleet:
a New Beginning in an Old Land
1995 Rubinstein, Gillian Foxspell Older
1995 Orr, Wendy
(Millard, Kerry)
Ark in the Park Younger
1995 Crew, Gary
(Woolman, Steve)
Watertower Picture
1995 Stewart, Robin E. New Faces: The Complete Book of Alternative Pets Information
1994 Carmody, Isabelle The Gathering Older (Joint)
1994 Crew, Gary Angel's Gate Older (Joint)
1994 Rodda, Emily Rowan of Rin Younger
1994 Crew, Gary
(Gouldthorpe, Peter)
First Light Picture
1994 Mullins, Patricia V for Vanishing Information
1993 Marchetta, Melina Looking for Alibrandi Older
1993 Disher, Gary The Bamboo Flute Younger
1993 Graham, Bob Rose Meets Mr. Wintergarten Picture
1993 Mullins, Patricia Dinosaur Encore Information
1992 Nilsson, Eleanor The House Guest Older
1992 Fienberg, Anna
(Gamble, Kim)
The Magnificent Nose and Other Stories Younger
1992 Baker, Jeannie Window Picture
1991 Crew, Gary Strange Objects Older

Rodda, Emily

Finders Keepers Younger
1991 Graham, Bob Greetings from Sandy Beach Picture
1990 Klein, Robin Came Back To Show You I Could Fly Older
1990 Adams, Jeannie Pigs and Honey Younger
1990 Wild, Margaret
(Vivas, Julie)
The Very Best of Friends Picture
1989 Rubinstein, Gillian Beyond the Labyrinth Older
1989 Rodda, Emily The Best Kept Secret Younger
1989 Baillie, Alan
(Tanner, Jane)
Drac and the Gremlin Picture (Joint)
1989 Base, Graeme The Eleventh Hour Picture (Joint)
1988 Marsden, John So Much To Tell You Older
1988 Wheatley, Nadia
(Rawlins, Donna)
My Place Younger
1988 Klein, Robin
(Graham, Bob)
Crusher is Coming Picture
1987 French, Simon All We Know Older
1987 Rodda, Emily Pigs Might Fly Younger
1987 Miyazawa, Kenji
(Morimoto, Junko)
Kojuro and the Bears Picture
1986 Fowler, Thurley The Green Wind Older
1986 Steele, Mary Arkwright Younger
1986 Denton, Terry Felix and Alexander Picture
1985 Aldridge, James The True Story of Lilli Stubeck Older
1985 Rodda, Emily
(Young, Noela)
Something Special Younger
1984 Wrightson, Patricia A Little Fear Older
1984 Dann, Max
(James, Anne)
Bernice Knows Best Younger
1984 Allen, Pamela Bertie and the Bear Picture
1983 Kelleher, Victor Master of the Grove Older
1983 Klein, Robin
(Lester, Alison)
Thing Younger
1983 Allen, Pamela Who Sank the Boat? Picture
1982 Thiele, Colin The Valley Between  
1982 Ormerod, Jan Sunshine Picture
1981 Park, Ruth Playing Beatie Bow  
1981 (No Award) Picture
1980 Harding, Lee Displaced Person  
1980 Pavey, Peter One Dragon's Dream Picture
1979 Manley, Ruth
(Yamaguchi, Marianne)
The Plum-Rain Scroll  
1979 Roughsey, Dick The Quinkins Picture
1978 Wrightson, Patricia The Ice is Coming  
1978 Wagner, Jenny
(Brooks, Ron)
John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat Picture
1977 Spence, Eleanor The October Child  
1976 Roughsey, Dick The Rainbow Serpent  
1976 Southall, Ivan Fly West Picture
1975 Paterson, A. B.
(Hole, Quentin)
The Man from Ironbark Picture
1974 Wrightson, Patricia The Nargun and the Stars  
1974 Wagner, Jenny
(Brooks, Ron)
The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek Picture
1973 Shelley, Noreen Family at the Lookout  
1972 Brinsmead, Hesba Longtime Passing  
1971 Southall, Ivan Bread and Honey  
1971 Paterson, A. B.
(Digby, Desmond)
Waltzing Matilda Picture
1970 MacArthur-Onslow, Annette Uhu  
1969 Balderson, Margaret When Jays Fly to Barbmo  
1969 Southall, Ivan
(Greenwood, Ted)
Sly Old Wardrobe Picture
1968 Southall, Ivan To the Wild Sky  
1967 Clark, Mavis Thorpe The Min-min  
1966 Southall, Ivan Ash Road  
1965 Brinsmead, Hesba Pastures of the Blue Crane  
1965 MacIntyre, Elspeth Hugh's Zoo Picture
1964 Spence, Eleanor The Green Laurel  
1963 Phipson, Joan The Family Conspiracy  
1962 Evers, Leonard Herbert The Racketty Street Gang (Joint Winner)
1962 Woodberry, Joan Rafferty Rides a Winner (Joint Winner)
1961 Chauncy, Nan Tangara  
1960 Tennant, Kylie All the Proud Tribesmen  
1959 Gunn, John Sea Menace (Joint Winner)
1959 Chauncy, Nan Devil's Hill (Joint Winner)
1958 Chauncy, Nan Tiger in the Bush  
1958 Poignant, Axel Piccaninny Walkabout
(republished as Bush Walkabout)
1957 Moodie-Heddle, Enid The Boomerang Book of Legendary Tales  
1956 Wrightson, Patricia The Crooked Snake  
1956 Barnard, Peggy
(Hawkins, Sheila)
Wish and the Magic Nut Picture
1955 Tindale, Norman
(Lindsay, H. A.)
The First Walkabout  
1954 Parker, K. Langloh Australian Legendary Tales  
1953 Phipson, Joan Good Luck to the Riders (Joint Winner)
1953 Martin, JH & WD Aircraft of Today and Tomorrow (Joint Winner)
1952 Pownall, Eve The Australia Book  
1951 Williams, Ruth C. Verity of Sydney Town  
1950   (No Award)  
1949 Villiers, Alan John Whalers of the Midnight Sun  
1948 Hurley, Frank Shackleton's Argonauts  
1947   (No Award)  
1946 Rees, Leslie Karrawingi the Emu Inaugural
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