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Post 2016

Li S, Wu P, Moses JE and Sharpless KB (2017) Thionyl tetrafluoride (O=SF4) adds another dimension to SuFEx click chemistry: A S-(VI)-Hub, which sequentially and flawlessly accepts three discreet, SuFEx-able modules, Angew Chem Int Ed., 56: 2903.

Han L-C, Stanley PA, Wood P, Bradshaw TD and Moses JE (2016) Horner–Wadsworth–Emmons approach to piperlongumine analogues with potent anti-cancer activity, Org Biomol Chem., 14: 7585.

Silverman SM, Sharpless KB and Moses JE (2016) Click chemistry synthesis of [1,2,3]-triazole vancomycin dimers with potent activity against MRSA and VRE, Chem Eur J, 23: 79.

Manzi L, Barrow AS,Scott D, Layfield R, Wright TG, Moses JE and Oldham NJ (2016) Carbene footprinting accurately maps binding sites in protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions, Nat Commun., 7: 13288.

Zhang E, Tang J, Li S, Wu P, Moses JE and Sharpless KB (2016) Chemoselective synthesis of polysubstituted pyridines from heteroaryl fluorosulfates, Chem Eur J, 22: 5692.

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Stanley PA, Spiteri C, Moore JC, Barrow AS, Sharma P and Moses JE (2016) Biomimetic approaches towards the synthesis of complex dimeric natural products, Curr Pharm Des., 22: 1628.

Pre 2016

Roe S, Gunaratnam M, Spiteri C, Sharma P, Alharthy RD, Neidle S and Moses JE (2015) Synthesis and biological evaluation of hybrid acridine-HSP90 ligand conjugates as telomerase inhibitors, Org Biomol Chem., 13: 8500.

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