Your account information

The best method to check your Transact La Trobe account balance is to click on the appropriate link under this heading. However it's not the only method of checking your Transact account balance.

Read on to find out all methods available.

To check your account via the Transact la Trobe web page:
  1. Select the appropriate link below e.g. if you are a student select Student (student login)
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Press View Account Balance button.

Your account balance is located at the top of the transaction list. All print, copy and credit transactions will be listed in date order.

Use this method to confirm that your print job has gone to the printer and your account has been deducted. If your print job has not come out of the printer check your account balance via this method. There could be a couple of reasons why, see How to & help files - "My document has not printed".

It is recommended that you check your account and / or printer before reporting the issue to the relevant business group.