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Semester Dates

University Academic Year

Semester 2015
First Semester2 March - 29 May
Mid-semester Vacation8 April - 10 April
Mid-year Vacation6 July - 10 July
Second Semester27 July - 23 October
Mid-semester Vacation28 September - 2 October
All Year Semester2 March - 23 October
Term 2015Census
Semester 12 March - 29 May31 March
Semester 227 July - 23 October25 August

Research Teaching Periods

Study Load for research students is calculated daily using a time-based mode.  Research students enrol in only one subject for the entire duration of their course and receive a final assessment at the successful completion of their thesis.  They consume load daily, and it keeps adding up through the period they are enrolled. Thus research subjects have a moving census date, rather than a fixed census date. The census date for a research subject will always fall within the 24-hour period prior to the date of completion or withdrawal.

The University does divide the year into two Research Teaching Periods as indicated in the table below. However, these Research Training Periods are for Government reporting purposes only.   Research students' study load in each Research Teaching Period is calculated based on their actual days of enrolment.

Period Census
Research 1: 1 January - 30 JuneSee note above.
Research 2: 1 July - 31 DecemberSee note above.

NOTE: For more information about census dates refer to census date explanation and other census dates.




First SemesterCommencing 24 February. Check new student site for details. 

Visit the Orientation website for more information.

International Registration2015
First Semester

Melbourne Campus 16 - 18 February
Bendigo Campus 19 - 20 February
Albury-Wodonga Campus 26 - 27 February
Mildura 25 February
Shepaprton TBC

Study Vacation

Vacation period2015
Mid-year1 June - 4 June
End of year26 October - 29 October