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Professor Gavin Jack


College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce
La Trobe Business School
Department of Management and Marketing

Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA(Hons), GradCert, PhD

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I completed my Bachelor's degree (with first class honours) in International Business and Languages in 1995, followed by a PhD in international management in 2000 at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. My professional career began with lectureships in marketing at the University of Stirling and then Keele University, UK. Following this, I spent six years working at the University of Leicester School of Management, latterly as a Reader in Culture and Consumption. I joined La Trobe Business School as Professor of Management in March 2009. I am currently an Associate Editor for the journal Organization, Co-Chair of the US Academy of Management's Critical Management Studies Division and sit on the editorial boards of a number of journals including the British Journal of Management, Consumption, Markets, Culture, and International Marketing Review. I became Director of MBA Programs in January 2012.

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Personal and Professional Skills Development

International Management Project


Recent publications


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