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Upcoming Bold Thinking events

Food, Mood and Diet – Myth versus Science

Thursday 27 July 06:30pm

This exciting lecture will consider the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and how the food we eat affects our mood and appetite.

Past Bold Thinking events

Thursday 04 May 05:30pm

Health, Law and Sexuality - a lecture by the Hon. Michael Kirby

Thursday 06 April 06:30pm

The digital disruption has changed the way we work, study and live. Will robots replace humans in the work force of the future? What jobs will disappear and what new opportunities will be created with the rise of Artificial Intelligence and automation?

Thursday 16 March 06:30pm

In a world post Brexit and Trump, how has international politics played out in Bendigo, and more importantly, what is the role of community leaders and individuals to create a vibrant, sustainable and multicultural city of the future?

Wednesday 23 November 06:30pm

Despite federal and state government educational policies and the best efforts of teachers and support staff, national Naplan results are flat lining and OECD results show our kids are being outdone internationally in literacy and numeracy.

Where did we go wrong and if an education revolution is needed, what exactly would it look like?

Thursday 27 October 06:30pm

A discussion on revenge porn, decency and the law

Thursday 22 September 06:30pm

The blurry business of information, entertainment and clickbait journalism

Thursday 25 August 06:30pm

Join us for the fourth event in La Trobe’s Bold Thinking Series where we bring together two of the University’s leading researchers in sport and sports integrity Professors Russell Hoye and Catherine Ordway, AFL Players Association CEO Paul Marsh and leading Fairfax investigative journalist Nick McKenzie, to discuss the paradox of gambling in sporting organisations and the broader integrity issue around cheating in sport.