Group Leader

Dr Marc Kvansakul

Research Officer

Dr Sofia Caria
Michael Jarva

PhD students

Mohd Ishtiaq Bin Anasir (co-supervised with Dr Mike Ryan, Monash University)
Suresh Banjara (co-supervised with Dr Mark Hinds)
Krystle Lim (co-supervised with Dr Patrick Humbert, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)
Grant Mills (co-supervised with Dr Mark Hulett)
Kristin Priebatsch (co-supervised with Dr Mark Hulett)
Niccolay Madiedo Soler (co-supervised with Dr Ivan Poon)

Masters students

Nargiz Sadigzade
Chathura Suraweera (co-supervised with Dr Mark Hinds)

Honours student

Jing Yuan How