A Gathering

Saturday 21 October 12:00am

Exhibition of selection of artwork from the La Trobe University Collections

2017 La Trobe University Blues Awards

Thursday 23 November 06:00pm

Celebrate with us as we acknowledge excellence in performance, participation and contribution to sport at the University.

2017 Rural Health Conference

Monday 27 November 12:00am

We warmly invite you to our 2017 Rural Health Conference "Showcasing La Trobe Rural Health School Research: a global focus through a local lens." 

Bachelor of Criminology and Bachelor of Paramedic Practice Masterclass

Thursday 30 November 09:30am

The Bachelor of Criminology and Bachelor of Paramedic Practice (Honours) is a hands-on experience where you will be able to meet and network with our leading academics and develop an understanding of the new programs being offered at the Bendigo campus.

Seismic Field, James Geurts

Wednesday 20 December 10:00am

Seismic Field examines the relationship between geophysical forms and consciousness, initiating a dialogue between the La Trobe Art Institute adn the dynamics of the underlying earth.


Tuesday 06 February 12:00am

A fusion of process, presentation and form.


Tuesday 03 April 12:00am

Collaboratory is a series of exhibitions that reflects on the nature of collective endeavour. It offers a way of understanding the relationships inherent in working partnerships, the impact of such practices on medium and process, and the ways in which audiences are engaged.

Collection Focus

Tuesday 29 May 12:00am

La Trobe University is the custodian of one of Australia's largest collections of art, artefacts and antiquities. On a regular basis the LAI will present an exhibition that reflects upon aspects of the Collection.

The Grammar of Glitch

Tuesday 24 July 12:00am

In evolutionary biology it is the mutation that drives changes in offspring to help species adapt to shifting environmental circumstances. Some apparent errors adn mistakes are the answers to problems that are often unseen. The Grammar of Glitch takes a look at how the language of this processed is expressed in artwork. Whether through fragmentation of the visual field in landscape drawings or the distorted forms of the sculptural figure, this exhibition offers ways of understanding how glitches in systematic regularity can produce creative ends.

Chart Form

Tuesday 18 September 12:00am

Chart Form celebrates a data aesthetic and a systems language. Presenting the work of four artists whose work evokes flow charts and process maps, the exhibition offers ways of understanding implied meaning generated by formalist tropes.

Emerging Curators Program: Brigid Hansen

Tuesday 18 September 12:00am

The Emerging Curators Program has been established to provide a mentoring experience for new curators to conceive, develop and produce an exhibition of their own choosing with the guidance and assistance of the Institute’s curatorial team and professional staff.The Program is application based and the inaugural participant is recent RMIT graduate Brigid Hansen.

Support Structure

Tuesday 13 November 12:00am

Support Structure assembles the work of artists who paint with a sculptural sensibility. Acknowledging the physicality of paintings, these artists produce artwork that blurs the boundary between media, offering ways of rethinking the nature of contemporary painting.