Phyllis Palmer Gallery

Situated in the Visual Arts Building at La Trobe's Bendigo Campus, the Phyllis Palmer Gallery is a space dedicated to showing new work by graduates, current students and associates of La Trobe Art Institute as well as the wider community.

The gallery is committed to showing the most diverse range of art works, from paintings, sculpture and ceramics to photography, graphic art and new media. We aim to present innovative work – particularly that founded in contemporary ideas – to the widest possible audience.

Current exhibition


Helen Bodycomb, The Material and the Immaterial

Exhibition dates: 15 September to 7 October

Opening: Wednesday 21 September, 5 pm with guest speaker Michael Brennan

500 Lives

This exhibition shares its title with Helen Bodycomb’s PhD practice-led research project, in which she explores the application of classical mosaic principles in contemporary works, with a particular focus on memento mori (remember death).

Whilst the materials and methodologies used in traditional mosaic ensure permanence, memento mori (a widely celebrated theme in Greco-Roman mosaics) is fundamentally the embrace of our own impermanence. This exhibition is an airing of current artworks exploring permanence and impermanence, and the phenomenon of life with consideration of both pre-life and post-life materiality, and immateriality. Materiality is explored both through its absence (in wall drawings) and its presence, with incongruous material unions including chicken wishbones and venetian blinds. Immateriality is explored through both its meanings; the immaterial as being without physical matter and the immaterial as something unimportant.

The artworks in The Material and The Immaterial harness a range of traditional mosaic conventions, whilst also challenging some of our preconceptions about what constitutes ‘mosaic’. In the end however, all definitions constructed by humankind – for life, for death and for mosaic - are immaterial.


Ceramics Exhibition from the La Trobe University Collection


Graduate Exhibition


  • Lighting: track spots and daylight fluorescent banks
  • Wall space: 47.3 metres total
  • Wall height: 3 metres
  • Display cabinets: 9 wired and lit cabinets 800mm sq x 2m high
  • Access and storage: same level vehicle access and store room
  • Kitchen: refrigeration, dishwasher and sink

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Location and access

Access to the Phyllis Palmer Gallery.We are situated in the Visual Arts Building on La Trobe University's Bendigo Campus (find out how to get to the Bendigo campus). Enter from Sharon St via Gate 8 and Arts Drive. Street parking is available in Sharon or Keck Streets. On-campus parking is only available after obtaining a visitor's parking permit. Disabled parking is available and the gallery is wheelchair accessible.

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