Phyllis Palmer Gallery

Situated in the Visual Arts Building at La Trobe's Bendigo Campus, the Phyllis Palmer Gallery is a space dedicated to showing new work by graduates, current students and associates of La Trobe Art Institute as well as the wider community.

The gallery is committed to showing the most diverse range of art works, from paintings, sculpture and ceramics to photography, graphic art and new media. We aim to present innovative work – particularly that founded in contemporary ideas – to the widest possible audience.

Current exhibition


Dates: 4-27 May, exhibition opening Wednesday 4 May at 5 pm

Dopa-Kinesia by Pezaloom

The juxtaposition of beauty and ugliness, tenderness and fear, desire and anxiety runs through all of Pezaloom's work, challenging ideas of the body in art, cognitive functionality, notions of the erotic, and systems of control. Since being diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's Disease, his work in visual and sound art has mostly been driven by an exploration of the physical and mental symptoms of his illness, even using these symptoms as tools to create his own distinctive style of artistic expression.

Dopa-kinesia, created with the assistance of Kim Anderson in the role of support-artist and curator, is a series of experimental self-portraits intended to challenge the many myths and misconceptions surrounding Parkinson's Disease. The title – an amalgamation of "dopamine" and "hypokinesia" – relates to one of the major symptoms of the disease, namely the failure of certain cells in the brain to manufacture dopamine, a substance that allows for smooth, coordinated function of the body's muscles and movement. Pezaloom has immersed his entire body in approximately 160 kilograms of petroleum jelly to represent the heaviness, slowness and restriction of movement he experiences.

This performative act was photographed in the hulking Yallourn Power Station administration building, which now stands derelict and empty.  The Latrobe Valley where Pezaloom has always lived is the centre of the brown coal power industry in Victoria, and the strange aesthetic of this environment provides an apt metaphor for the dissonance occurring within his own body with the progression of Parkinson's Disease.  Within and without, the beauty and horror exist in a symbiotic relationship, intermingled with fear and a deep love and acceptance of the place as an essential part of his identity.

This project was supported by Arts Access Victoria, the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, and the City of Melbourne 2015 Arts Grants Program.


Dopa-kinesia #1-2, C-type photograph, 100 x 150cm, photograph by Kim Anderson


Dates: 8-24 June 2016, opening Thursday 9 June 5-7 pm, guest speaker Elliot Howard

Flawless by Alanah Brand

Flawless is an exhibition by Masters candidate Alanah Ellen Brand from La Trobe University which shows a body of work that explores society's troubled connection to the image. From ideas of beauty in the age of social media and the connections between the now ubiquitous editing of the digital photograph we see paintings ability to manage and manipulate the image through gesture.

The exhibition has a series of small-scale portraits of women which are sourced from social media.  These faces stare out at the viewer.  The highly stylised images portray the female gaze we often see in advertising and on social media profiles. The tactility of the painted surface highlights the way online images are edited to showcase the apparently flawless images of women.

The painted surface mimics online images whilst intensifying their doll-like qualities. The exhibition aims to question why we bombard society with unrealistic and unachievable standards of beauty, why we desire this beauty and what role the painted image plays in this complex terrain of image, display, desire and looking.

Jane, oil on canvas, 20x20 cm


  • Lighting: track spots and daylight fluorescent banks
  • Wall space: 47.3 metres total
  • Wall height: 3 metres
  • Display cabinets: 9 wired and lit cabinets 800mm sq x 2m high
  • Access and storage: same level vehicle access and store room
  • Kitchen: refrigeration, dishwasher and sink

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Access to the Phyllis Palmer Gallery.We are situated in the Visual Arts Building on La Trobe University's Bendigo Campus (find out how to get to the Bendigo campus). Enter from Sharon St via Gate 8 and Arts Drive. Street parking is available in Sharon or Keck Streets. On-campus parking is only available after obtaining a visitor's parking permit. Disabled parking is available and the gallery is wheelchair accessible.

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