Be the engineer who sustains our water supply

Water management is vital for Mildura, a region in north-western Victoria known as the centre of the State's food bowl. Until recently, many of the region's farmers relied on a 100-year-old channel system to irrigate their orchards and vineyards. There was substantial water leakage and not all farmers had access to water when they needed it.

This changed in 2014 when La Trobe University graduate, Jackson Renton and his team at Leed Engineering and Construction commenced replacement of the antiquated system. The new pipes save water, and therefore money, and allow farmers access to water all year round.

Be the one who sustains our water supply

"The pipeline will provide access 24/7, 365 days a year," says Jackson, a site engineer at Leed. "They'll have water when they need it, at any time of the day. Farmers will get two or three crops a year instead of one, and possibly double their income."

"It's not just the farmers; there are all sorts of suppliers up here. The whole agriculture industry benefits hugely from the project."

Jackson studied at La Trobe's Bendigo Campus, and graduated with a joint Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) in 2013. "It was highly hands on," he says of his degree, "which suited me and the job I'm in. It gives you the tools you need to solve problems."

He's very proud of what the project has achieved for Mildura.

"Everyone wants to see the farmers do well, so it's a huge thing for the community. It makes you feel proud that you're helping other people and making their livelihood better."