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The dam that moves a mountain

The Three Gorges Dam is estimated to have displaced up to 6 million people.

The Buddhist roots of Confucianism

The debt that New Confucianism owes to Buddhism is significant.

Pathways to India

La Trobe Asia releases report to promote university student mobility with India.

Rescuing the red crabs of Christmas Island

A collaborative effort to save the ecosystem of Christmas Island

Protein stucture under the microscope

A collaboration with Kyoto University is mapping proteins in cell membranes

Time running out for Timor-Leste

Will UN conciliation end the Timor Sea dispute? Bec Strating examines the issues.

Recognition for comfort women?

Denialism continues in recognising the plight of 'comfort women' during World War II.

The East Asia Summit in Contested Asia

How important is the East Asia Summit in these contested times?

Welcome visiting fellow Kenji Kajiwara

Visiting Fellow for La Trobe Asia in 2016

Indonesia's fight against corruption

Dirk Tomsa says there are problems at every level of Indonesia's government.

What's next for Jokowi’s Indonesia?

What’s next for Jokowi’s Indonesia?

Art as therapy in Samoa

Art as therapy in Samoa

Australia, Japan and the failed sub deal

The morning after: Australia, Japan, and the submarine deal that wasn’t

La Trobe Students win Hamer Scholarship

La Trobe students win Hamer scholarship

Dr Leong welcomed as visiting fellow

Associate Professor Leong Eng Choon from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, welcomed as La Trobe Asia's first visiting fellow for 2016.

$5m project to save PNG cocoa industry

La Trobe leads $5 million plan to revive PNG's cocoa industry

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