Rachael Beckher

Experiencing Australia Through the Lens of a Camera

Working numbers have always been my forte, and thus my thoughts seem to progress in a more linear, systematic order.  I’ve dabbled into the arts a bit, but my brain seems to run from any sort of abstract order.  Through La Trobe’s Edge of the Outback (EOTO) program, I’ve been able to explore other areas that I’ve neglected to venture into.

My journey began in a small town right outside the capital of North Carolina, where I have been working towards my bachelors of science degree in Mathematics from a small liberal arts college, Meredith College.  I’ve been encouraged to study abroad since I first enquired about studying at Meredith College.  Luckily, while exploring my study abroad options, I stumbled upon Mildura’s EOTO program.   

I’ve learned more about photography in the past few weeks from my excellent instructors than I would have ever imagined.  There were times when I was a bit worried if I would learn how to properly take a photo or how to navigate Photoshop, but no worries, as I’ve learned many Aussies say, I was in good hands.  Although it was a lot of hard work, nothing beats the essence of Australia that I got to see through my eyes and capture with my camera.  One of the many wonderful views I got to see in Australia is below.

As a part of the program we arrived in Melbourne from the United States and drove to Mildura, where we began our journey through the world of photography.  We took a six-day field trip beginning in Broken Hill and Silverton and proceeded to the Flinders Ranges.  I learned the culture of Australia, while capturing it’s beauty.  I am anxiously awaiting our exhibition night, and I am ready to show everyone back at home all of the photos I’ve taken!