Leigh Livingstone

Edge of the Outback Photography Program

I knew that coming to Australia would be one of the most exciting adventures I have ever embarked on.  I was prepared for my perspective and experiences to be broadened and enhanced.  What I was not prepared for was to have my life positively changed forever.  The land, the people, the culture, and the passion in each person I met motivated me in a way that I have seldom felt before.  My drive for life and my love for living each journey to its fullest are rejuvenated.

There is this feeling that comes over you sometimes.  It’s hard to explain but it is this feeling of complete peace and utter content.  It is when your heart flutters a little and your mind entertains all your dreams in the most real and tangible way you have ever known.  I had this overwhelming and intense emotion come over me countless times during this program.  I felt it when the instructors talked, when Peter shared, while hiking and even while driving between locations.  We each made this dream a reality.  Each one of us juggled finances and schedules in an economically challenging time to come to this Outback country.  We were a diverse group and it made for a unique and unforgettable opportunity.  This experience was worth every second of preparation.

The people involved with this program are absolutely the most incredible instructors I have ever encountered.  This was exactly the learning style I needed for everything came to make sense to me.  Aspects of photography where I have struggled to gain understanding are now crystal clear.  My enthusiasm for the photography profession is ignited like never before and I’m on fire to go home and continue.  Everyday the way an instructor acted or spoke blew my mind.  The people involved in this program have truly mastered the art of balancing professionalism with fun.  It’s hard to find one professor back home who grasps how much more effective this is, but everyone here seems to fully embrace it.  I feel a connection with everyone involved and I know this is a part of my life I will never forget.