Jasmin Chase

As my portfolio, exhibition piece, much of my visual journal, and the fresh tattoo ink in my back would suggest, our guide Peter Peterson has been a huge highlight for me along this wonderful journey. His crazy infectious smile, spirit, energy, and stories have inspired me immensely. He was without a doubt a primary catalyst in the bonding of our group, from getting us to sing around the campfire to facilitating a monumental dance celebration. My favorite moments though were in getting to see his deeper side – hearing him speak about the spirit bird, watching him work on the beautiful drawings in each of our journals, and walking quietly beside him through the woods.

I have been immensely impressed by the knowledge, patience, warmth, generosity, and humor of everyone involved in this experience.  I know I would not have enjoyed it nearly as much without them. Despite the fact that I wish I could stay here a bit longer with my quirky EOTO family, I am eagerly looking forward to heading home and applying my shiny new photography skills. I’ll see you again soon, Australia!