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George Lianos: Geometric Beings

Tuesday 09 May 12:00am

A sculpture exhibition exploring configurations and relationships of angular forms and their ability to create perceptions of embodied energy, movement and dynamic balance. LAI Gallery, 121 View Street, Bendigo.


Thursday 22 June 12:00am

A hands-on exhibition presented in conjunction with the LAI's Revealing Identity: the Collections of La Trobe University.

Revealing Identity: the Collections of La Trobe University

Saturday 24 June 12:00am

Celebrating the 50th year of La Trobe University, with a sweeping look through the vast University Collections. Bendigo Art Gallery, 42 View Street, Bendigo.

Survival Bias

Saturday 24 June 12:00am

Featuring Hannah Bertram, Daniel Boyd, Deidre But-Husaim, Penny Byrne and Victoria Reichelt. LAI Gallery, 121 View Street, Bendigo.

Edge of the Outback: Photography Exhibition

Friday 07 July 12:00am

A special exhibition in Mildura, celebrating the International student course Edge of the Outback.

Deng Zi: Tea Ceremony and Artist Talk

Thursday 27 July 05:30pm

Chinese Artist Deng Zi, who recently exhibited at the Bundoora campus, discusses his artistic practice in Bendigo.

Building an Exhibition

Thursday 03 August 12:00pm

A talk exploring exhibition development with Senior Curator Dr Kent Wilson.

Leigh Hobbs: Cast of Characters

Wednesday 09 August 10:00am

Leigh Hobbs: Cast of Characters is an exhibition celebrating the world of characters of the best-selling Australian author and artist.

Punctum caesum: (the blind point), Mici Boxell

Saturday 09 September 12:00am

An exhibition by La Trobe Alum, and winner of the 2016 Julie Miller Markoff Visual Arts Award, Mici Boxell.