Molecular interactions at the plant-fungal interface

Left to right: Adam Taranto, Kim Plummer, Shakira Johnson, Belen Guijarro Diaz-Otero, Jason Shiller.

Research associates

  • Belen Guijarro Diaz-Otero (visiting research fellow from Spain), Project title: Characterisation, distribution and survival of Monilinia spp primary inoculum in Victorian stone fruit growing areas. Collaboration with Dr Phil Keane
  • Oscar Villata (DPI Vic)
  • Professor Baishi Hu (sabbatical visitor from China)

PhD students

  • Jason Shiller (PhD passed)
  • Alicia Greenhill (PhD under examination)
  • Shakira Johnson
  • Andrew Madigan
  • Sajal Zia

Honours students

  • Ashley Burgess (Co-supervised by Dr Paul Horne)

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