Individuals and organisations who give to La Trobe do so for many reasons. However they all share our desire to make a difference in the world. 

Our generous supporters provide educational opportunity to students who need it most, while others support our critical research in areas that matter including food security, rural health, sustainability and dialogue between nations and cultures.

There are many ways you can make a difference:

Annual giving

Annual giving is a way in which the broader La Trobe community can make a difference and contribute to La Trobe’s future. In 2012 we launched our first ever Annual Giving Appeal which was generously supported by staff, alumni and friends of La Trobe.

Annual giving raises much-needed funds for student scholarships, to address the growing number of students who miss out on the benefits of higher education due to financial circumstances.

Find out more about annual giving.


Prizes are a great way to acknowledge high achieving students of today who will be the leaders in their fields tomorrow.

Many individuals and organisations have established prizes in their name to recognise rising talent. Named prizes can be established in an area that complements your interests - be they business, professional or personal. Prizes must be established for a minimum of three years with a value of $500 or more per annum.

For more information about establishing a prize in your name contact Kate Keays in the Alumni and Advancement Office. 


As the cost of achieving tertiary qualifications continues to rise, more and more students in Australia are missing out. La Trobe is committed to ensuring that bright students are not denied the opportunity of university education due to financial circumstance.

With a renewed focus on increasing participation rates amongst students from diverse backgrounds, La Trobe has committed over $3,000,000 in student scholarships over the next five years. We encourage our alumni, supporters and business partners to join with us in providing educational opportunities for students who need it most.

Named scholarships can be established to support an area that complements your interests (be they business, professional or personal). Scholarships must be established for a minimum of three years with a value of $6,000 or more per annum.

For more information about establishing a scholarship in your name or contributing to an existing one contact Kate Keays in the Alumni and Advancement Office. 

Make a bequest

Planned giving is a way in which people can make a difference by leaving a lasting legacy. People choose planned giving so that the issues that matter most to them during their lifetime continue to be addressed long after they have gone.

Personal legacies can ensure that critical areas of research receive vital funding, that talented students receive scholarships, that laboratories, theatres, entire buildings are built to provide cutting edge infrastructure for the academic leaders and the students of tomorrow.

Should you wish to support La Trobe University by making a bequest, download the appropriate wording for your Will form [PDF 79 KB]. Download in Word format [68KB]

For further information about your gift, contact Jenny Morrison in the Alumni and Advancement Office.

Major gifts

If you would like to discuss a major gift, outside the type of giving that appears on our website, we would love to hear from you. There are many ways to give and we would be happy to discuss your ideas proposal in more detail. Please contact Ric Fletcher, Head of Advancement at La Trobe.

Staff giving

Over the last 40 years La Trobe University has grown to become a world leader in higher education. This has been possible through the dedication and support of La Trobe staff who have a long history of contributing to cultural life at La Trobe.

La Trobe staff continue to give today offering their time and their talent to support priorities that are important to them both within the University and outside it. Many La Trobe staff are also choosing to support La Trobe through financial gifts, particularly for student scholarships.

For more information on how you can make a difference with a regular gift deducted through the University payroll, please contact Jo Watts in the Alumni and Advancement Office or complete the form and send to People and Culture [La Trobe University staff only].

You can also make a single gift online by clicking the button below.