2012 Alumni Lecture

Professional Misconduct: Lawyers on the Edge

Joe Nieuwenhuizen presenting the Alumni Lecture 2012 is the 20th anniversary of the La Trobe University Law School and this year's Annual Alumni Lecture is dedicated to this milestone event in the School's 20 year history of providing distinctive legal education.

Joe Nieuwenhuizen is General Manager, Investigations at the Law Institute Victoria and one of the Law School's first students.

In giving the 2012 Alumni Lecture, Joe put the profession under the microscope and considered the reasons why legal practitioners sometimes lose their way professionally.

The lecture, which was attended by more than 120 Law alumni and staff, showcased Joe's extensive experience with the Law Institute and his unique insights into regulating the legal profession in Victoria. It also gave food for thought, raising interesting questions about mental health support in the Legal profession.

Photos from the event can be found in the photos section on the La Trobe University Alumni Facebook page