Aims and Objectives

Our Mission 

The development and implementation of a program of research that makes a difference to the wellbeing of a diverse range of older people living in rural communities.

At its inception, the stated aims of the JRI were to:

  • Lead research and innovation related to rural aged care workforce and health delivery initiatives;
  • Promote interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration in developing, testing and implementing evidence based health care delivery solutions for older people in rural areas;
  • Establish a leading rural centre for honours, and postgraduate research training in rural aged care workforce and health delivery initiatives;
  • Develop a strategic direction for the initiative that:
    1. Has strong links with consumers, industry and government;
    2. Addresses Victoria and Australian government research priorities;
    3. Develops and/or strengthens international links and undertakes comparative research; and
    4. Takes account of La Trobe's strengths, other Australian centres of research excellence in ageing and situates and brands La Trobe in a competitive and unique position.
  • Strategic Directions

    Based on the overall aims and objectives of the JRI, the following strategic directions are to be pursued:

    1. Evidence-based research that will make a difference to the wellbeing of rural, older people.
    2. Research directed in two strategic areas – (1) healthy ageing in rural communities and (2) the delivery of appropriate health and aged care services in rural contexts.
    3. Research that builds local, national and international partnerships and collaboration to further the outcomes of the JRI mission.
    4. Research that addresses state and national research priorities; and responds to the University's priority areas.
    5. Encouragement of a training environment for postgraduate studies.

    All of these directives are important if we are to meet our mission, and address our overall aims and objectives.  They are also critical if external (and internal) funding is to be received to support our projects and outcomes.