Plant development and physiology

Members of the Gendell lab.
  • Sonia Fiorito (PhD student): NHX gene expression in carnation flower colour (in collaboration with Florigene).
  • Brett Ford (PhD student): NHX genes in canola (supported by the GRDC).
  • Noorina Seedat (PhD student) Characterisation of the FLH flowering time QTL.
  • Dung Le Huynh (PhD student): Identification of protein-protein interactions in homeostasis (supported by the Government of Vietnam through MARD).
  • Joanne Ernest (PhD student): Regulation of Ion homeostasis by NHXs (supported by the GRDC).
  • Jonathon Dragwidge (Honours student): Antiporter function of NHX proteins.
  • Saeed Farahi (MS. Biotech BioInf student): Identification FLH target genes.