For organisations of all sizes, data management has shifted from an important competency to a critical differentiator that can determine market leaders.

Our research is founded on a new paradigm in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning based on over a decade of research into the frontiers of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computational neuroscience and cognitive psychology. The work has focussed on computationally plausible models, techniques and methods that can be adapted to enhance and extend current practices in artificial intelligence, and to utilise these for practical applications.

The innovative technology is built on a base of key foundation technologies which are used as the analytics building blocks for big data. The core building blocks are combined to achieve big data analytics and pattern capturing capability in data segmentation and profiling, real time data analysis and monitoring, data stream mining, text mining, sequence capturing, large volume handling and visualization.  

The new technologies are used in a number of industry and academic projects including:

  • database and data warehouse development
  • business intelligence system development
  • data mining in health care
  • text analytics in horizon scanning
  • automating essay and short answer exam marking
  • smart electricity meter data analytics
  • intelligent web based system development.

La Trobe Analytics (LTA) research group

The LTA research group advances business analytics and data science via the design and development of new technologies.

The research group is an academic partner in the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centres program (D2D CRC). The D2D CRC is a 2014-2019 Cooperative Research Centres Program where, with $25 million funding from the Australian Government, researchers and industry collaborate to develop Big Data capabilities. This research will initiate a safer and more secure nation and a sustainable Big Data workforce for Australia.

The LTA research team includes a Senior Research Fellow, two full-time PhD candidates and two full-time software developers.

Research information for students

If you wish to pursue a Master by Research or Ph.D. in Analytics within LTA check out the following links to learn more about the group's research and application process.