Chisholm College

Chisholm College is located on the hill on the east side of the Melbourne campus; with rooms overlooking the university, the campus lake or native bushland. Bursting with diversity, residents at Chisholm will get to experience living in a community built from many nationalities.

"Living at Chisholm is like staying with a gigantic crazy happy family. It is amazing how Chisholm brought together people of so many races and different backgrounds, yet we live together and are similar in many ways. The people here are just absolutely awesome and there is always something exciting going on!" Szu-Mei Ong (Bachelor of Commerce)

Touring Chisholm College

Renowned for its international flavour Chisholm takes pride in its international perspective, strong sense of community and academic traditions.

Self-catering and small floor groups assist residents forming tight knit networks and support mechanisms that develop into lifelong friendships.

Music, theatre and art, along with sport and academic excellence are encouraged and supported through programs and activities facilitated by residential staff and student leaders.

  • Self Catered
  • Single Bedrooms with shared bathrooms and kitchen
  • No more than 12 bedrooms to a floor
  • Multiple common areas including mini cinema
  • Number of residents: 394
  • Predominantly undergraduate student accommodation

Floor plan

Chisholm College floor plan [PDF 52KB]