Moving out

Giving notice

When you want to move out you need to give a minimum of 28 days written notice of your intention to vacate to your landlord. This does not apply to rooming house residents, where you are required to provide at least 2 days notice.

If you gave notice to the landlord that you were moving out, you can move out prior to the notice expiring. You will be liable however for rent until the end of the notice period, unless the landlord is able to find a new tenant before the notice period expires.

Conditions for bond return

When you leave accommodation you need to ensure the property is left in a clean condition. If you do not leave the property adequately cleaned and restored to its original condition your landlord may make a claim against your bond. 

For the return of the bond, you and the accommodation provider need to sign a bond claim form. The bond claim form is then sent to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA). The return of the bond to you may take a couple of weeks. If you and the accommodation provider are in disagreement in relation to the return of the bond, the provider must apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for an order that they be paid part of all of the bond within 10 business days of your tenancy ending. Refer to the Step-by-step guide to bond recovery factsheet produced by the Tenants Union of Victoria for more information about the return of your bond.    


If you are renting a property you will also need to disconnect utilities and ask for a final utilities reading (allow at least 48 hours). If you fail to disconnect services you may be paying for utilities after you have left the property. For shared households, call the utility company and request to have your name removed from the account.

Redirecting your mail

You can complete a mail redirection form at the post office to have your mail sent from your current address to another address. Find out more about redirecting mail.