Supporting Strategies

Shepparton studentsSuccessful implementation of this Strategic Plan requires us to change the way we do things—to become faster moving, more collegiate and to expect and produce high quality in everything we do. We will need to become more meritocratic, make more performance and evidence-based decisions, and be more outcomes focused.

We will be tough minded about investing in and expanding areas of strength, and be willing to exit from areas of relative weakness. Planning and priority setting will be critical. Leadership and management skills across the University will be strengthened. We will encourage innovation and will increase our capacity to move quickly to anticipate, lead and adapt to important trends in higher education.

We will invest in our people, so that La Trobe is an excellent, vibrant and supportive workplace. We will act to enhance the well-being of both staff and students.

We will operate sustainably and ethically. We will continually develop our intellectual, physical and financial resources so that future generations of scholars and students can continue the advancement of knowledge for the public good. In the broader community we will minimise any adverse impact on the environment, manage our resources effectively and efficiently, and actively promote social inclusion and cultural tolerance. The University’s response to climate change and to sustainability more broadly, requires us to consider carefully our ethical choices and everyday practices.

We will maintain our standards of academic excellence whilst thinking more commercially and innovatively to deliver highly effective education programs.  This will require us to seek out and exploit opportunities for revenue-raising. We will have a clear student focus in the courses we offer, the way we offer them, and the experience and services we provide. We will actively engage with relevant partners to address pressing public transport issues.

We will build our capacity to develop and sustain deep and effective partnerships.

Our administrative processes and systems will be improved and streamlined to support all staff to do their work and to support all students in their learning. A heightened client focus will characterise our central service delivery.
We will redesign our business processes and use technology and the estate for the direct benefit of our teaching and research.

Our marketing and recruitment will be strategic and targeted at promoting our course profile and delivery modes.
The University, through the Alumni and Advancement Office, will identify and engage alumni and friends who can advocate on our behalf.  The newly established La Trobe University Foundation will engage our community of support in a series of fundraising initiatives to underpin this plan.

The University will be managed in a business-like manner, and sound financial management will directly lead and support decision-making for a sustainable future.

Supporting strategy targets


Baseline 2011

2017 Target

Implement a coherent planning framework that provides clarity on priority goals and performance measures Planning framework
fully implemented
Significantly improved levels of client satisfaction as measured by a revised Service Quality Survey SQS to be revised and administered in 2013 to provide baseline
Improve staff engagement Increased staff response rates in Staff Climate Surveys
Influence government to improve public transport accessibility and reduce public transport journey times to the Melbourne and Bendigo campuses Melbourne CBD to Bundoora Campus up to 55 minute commute Melbourne CBD to Bundoora Campus a 35 minute commute

Improve our ability to re-invest in Strategic Initiatives, and Teaching and Research Infrastructure

International revenue as a percentage of underlying revenue 18% 20%
Postgraduate revenue as a percentage of underlying revenue 2% 5%
Underlying revenue earned per staff dollars 1.68 1.90
Underlying Operating Margin 4% 10%
Underlying Operating Margin (before strategic investments) 6% 12%

Future related plans

Further detail of the strategies and actions to be pursued will be found in:

  • Budget
  • Workforce Plan
  • Capital Plan
  • Alumni and Fundraising Plans
  • La Trobe Public Transport Strategy
  • Sustainability Plan