Our campuses and communities

La Trobe will contribute to the sustainable growth of our professional and place-based communities in Melbourne's north, in Bendigo, Greater Shepparton and the Murray-Darling Basin, and in the Asia-Pacific region. It is our responsibility to act as a major leader in our communities by providing people, businesses and public institutions with highly relevant education and skills.

Our higher education programs and research play an important role in the social, economic and environmental strength of our communities and our regional activities will help to facilitate meaningful conversations about current issues affecting regional communities.

All La Trobe campuses will develop closer and deeper strategic educational partnerships with local TAFE providers and other educational institutions.

Murray-Darling Basin

La Trobe will work with key partners to extend relevant teaching and research in the Murray-Darling Basin. A healthy and sustainable Basin is essential to Australia's economic prosperity, fresh water supplies, food security, environment and the lives of more than three million Australians.

Asia Pacific

La Trobe will strengthen its regional partnerships with Asian and Pacific nations, building on strengths as a recognised national centre for Asian studies. We will extend mobility programs with China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. We will consolidate The Confucius Institute and other research and teaching links in Asia, including the China Health Program, and we will support information science and technology partnerships in India and China through, for example, the Centre for Technology Infusion. We will continue to teach priority languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian and Hindi.

Bundoora and Melbourne's north

It is our responsibility to act as a major leader in northern Melbourne by providing its people, businesses and public institutions with highly relevant education and skills, and by being a place of enlightenment and good practice.
La Trobe will become the university of Melbourne's north. We will make ourselves central to the economic, social and environmental future of northern Melbourne, one of Melbourne's fastest growing regions.

We will turn our campus at Bundoora outwards so that we can engage more effectively with our surrounding community, through health, sport, business, the arts, and by stimulating the national conversation through activities such as the Ideas and Society program. We will employ our expansive Bundoora real estate to strengthen the University's overall strategic position, increase the density of the campus, and provide a creative, cultural and recreational centre for the citizens of the northern suburbs.

La Trobe will also capitalise on its assets to incubate innovative new businesses in Melbourne's north, including the strengthening of the Research and Development Park and the Northern Bioscience Precinct in a commercially, socially and environmentally conscious manner and creating a redeveloped hospital site integrating commercial, academic and research activities.

Regional Victoria

La Trobe is the biggest provider of higher education to students from Victoria's regions. We will increase the capacity of our regional campuses to serve their communities by empowering campus leaders to shape campus activities in response to local needs while taking advantage of the resources and economies of scale that the University has to offer.

Campus-specific plans will be developed for course profiles, research strengths and community partnerships. We will support research at each of our campuses that links to our RFAs and/or Research Programs, including the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre based at Albury-Wodonga and Mildura.

We will continue to explore and develop the potential of blended learning to meet the educational needs of regional communities, such as those courses successfully introduced at our Shepparton campus.

Bendigo has the potential to be a truly great university city. La Trobe will play a central role in helping Bendigo realise that potential. We seek to be to higher education in Bendigo what the Bendigo Art Gallery has become to culture—an iconic institution that attracts people from all over the country. We will do this by providing an outstanding experience for students, and by offering high demand programs at Bendigo that are attractive to Australian and international students alike.

We aim to establish a radical and expanded model of integrated health care and a comprehensive health professional education program in Bendigo to cater for a rapidly growing and ageing rural population.

Learning and teaching partnerships

La Trobe will partner with schools in Melbourne's north and in central and northern Victoria to strengthen these schools though student experiences, innovative teaching support and sharing of resources. A La Trobe Scholarship program will attract the most capable students to La Trobe and a 'First in Family' program will attract and provide focused support for students unfamiliar with higher education.

An important partner will be Charles La Trobe College and its specialist centre for excellence and innovation in science and mathematics—Quantum Victoria—that brings the world of science and mathematics to life for students, teachers and the wider community. This innovation in education will be extended across the communities we serve.

We will develop deeper delivery partnerships with regional and metropolitan Institutes of TAFE and other educational institutions.

Engagement targets


Baseline 2011

2017 Target

Incubate innovative new businesses in Melbourne's North A re-developed Northern Bioscience Precinct and Research and Development Park
Redeveloped hospital site integrating commercially sustainable academic & research activities
Increase the number of partnerships with regional partners At least one partnership per college and campus which includes funding, student recruitment or placements, research facilitation or promotional benefits
Develop joint facilities with TAFE Institutes Joint TAFE–La Trobe teaching and administration building completed in Mildura

Deepen partnerships with regional and metropolitan TAFE Institutes

Provide additional student residential accommodation at the Bundoora campus and regionallyBundoora: 1,600
Regional: 575

Bundoora: 1,800
Regional: 775

Develop an Asia Plan outlining the University's engagement with the Asia Pacific Region

Improve the range of health, sport, business and arts events and activities for the general community to spend time on campus in evenings and weekend. Develop mechanism to measure the range of events

Future related plans

Further detail of the strategies and actions to be pursued in community engagement will be found in: