Implementation updates

Future Ready implementation report June 2013

Good progress continues on the implementation of the key 2013 Future Ready priorities. 

As reported in the April update, the first three Research Focus Areas (RFAs) (Securing Food, Water and the Environment; Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation; and Understanding Disease) will be up and running from 1 July.  The final two RFAs, Building Healthy Communities, and Transforming Human Societies (previously called Population Movement and Human Security) will be operational by mid-September.  

The Learning and Teaching Plan to support the implementation of the La Trobe Framework has been approved.  The development of the Hallmark programs is progressing.  A facilitated program with 30 students will be in place in 2014.  

The two new management and leadership programs, Management Fundamentals and Leadership Transition, flagged in the April report, are now active.   The mentoring program continues to gather pace, with a substantial number of new mentor and mentee teams now in place.

La Trobe Essentials now have Essentials Champions and an upcoming audit of subjects will gauge which existing subjects offer the assessable study of one or more Essentials.  Funding has been provided for implementation of projects relating to the Essentials in 2013 and for a Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) big ideas/Big Issue project.  

The review of course profiles is on track with a course costing model in progress, and a pilot of the program to be completed shortly.  Work is also underway to analyse low margin courses with a view to converting these to higher margins where possible.

The new online course application system is up and running accepting domestic undergraduate and postgraduate course applications and providing valuable data on application and conversion rates.

Progress in identifying our priorities for the international market is moving at pace.  The Asian market is a top priority for student recruitment, with the Middle East also a priority to facilitate a greater flow of government sponsored students to La Trobe.  Improvements in international application processing (including higher degree researchers) are also on track.

A strategy to ensure and encourage enrolled students to continue at La Trobe has been developed, including an Early Warning System, to identify students who need attention or assistance.

A combined Student Services and Administration area is being established, with the intent to improve how services are delivered to students.  A new Executive Director to oversee this work will join us later this year .

Development of the University Master Plan is underway, which includes engaging internal and external stakeholders, partners and community members.  The ultimate objective is to evolve the University as a vibrant, sustainable University which truly ‘makes a difference’.

Future Ready implementation report April 2013

It has now been five months since Future Ready was officially launched and we’re pleased to say we have already made good progress on implementation.

Eight Strategic Plan Implementation Groups have been established (see below), with each group reporting against agreed project goals and initiatives.  Work has begun on the strategy and governance arrangements for three Research Focus Areas (RFAs):

  • Securing Food, Water & the Environment
  • Sport, Exercise & Rehabilitation
  • Understanding Disease

These can expect to be operational by mid-2013. The remaining two RFAs – Building Healthy Communities, and Population Movement and Human Security will be operational by mid to late this year.

Undergraduate capabilities have been reviewed and postgraduate capabilities agreed in line with those identified in the Design for Learning project; consultation has been undertaken to determine how faculties can embed Essentials in the curriculum; and implementation of the Radical Learning Project outcomes is on track for mid-2013. We have also made progress on the Hallmark Program – creative, bold and distinctive courses addressing significant global problems – which will be introduced in 2014.  More information on the La Trobe Framework can be read online.

Other examples of Future Ready implementation underway

  • Each of the faculties has been working to shape their suite of courses over the next 3 to 5 years in response to detailed market demand analysis.  This has also fed into the course and load planning process that has been underway across the University
  • An online application system for domestic students is almost ready to go live, providing a seamless process for prospective students, and helping us build a stronger picture of application and conversion rates
  • Research and analysis is underway to identify the game-changing partnerships that will help us truly ‘move the needle’ in shaping the future of La Trobe
  • We have planning work underway to identify the infrastructure and community development initiatives that will ensure our Melbourne and regional campuses are the lively, engaging spaces we want them to be
  • An overarching planning framework has been endorsed and the underpinning (Research, Teaching and Learning and Regional) plans 2013 - 2017 are in development. A proposed reporting framework to support all levels of planning is under review
  • A new approach is being taken to the development of managers and leaders, including two new programs to support staff transitioning into leadership roles (to be advertised in May).  A new mentoring program has also commenced, with more than 100 people attending mentoring sessions so far

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Teaching and learning and student experience
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Regional campuses and community engagement Pro Vice-Chancellor Regional


Productivity Vice-President Administration


Leadership and management Vice-President Administration


Structure and governance of projects


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